SUWT #49

Today’s the day when I point you, Dear Reader, to the latest Shut Up, We’re Talking. And strut about like a peacock, ’cause I got to be on it.

The discussion revolved around two topics: the impending transition of D&D Online to a free-to-play, and the Xfire stats I posted last week. The other panelist was Anjin from the Bullet Points Blog, another great source of news and insight. Much good dicussion was had, many good points were raised, and a good time was had by all. Give it a listen.

This is the first time I’ve been on a podcast, but it’s something I’ve thought about doing on an ongoing basis. There are steps that’d need to be taken first, of course, starting with me getting just a little more comfortable behind the microphone, so as to stop stammering like a nimrod and starting everything off with “um”s and “ah”s. And second, of course, would be the microphone itself. For SUWT I used my headset mike, which is a pretty decent headset mike, but sounded, to my ear, very tinny on the actual broadcast. I do have another microphone which is also kind of a cheapie, but I can only use it with the laptop for unclear technical reasons.

I’ve played around a bit with Audacity to the point where I think I could edit and assemble a podcast passably well, but the holdup has generally been a dearth of material, in that I have generally already blogged about stuff I want to talk about, and I don’t want to go over the same material again. It’s another project for the future, for now.

5 responses to “SUWT #49

  1. You’re comments sound exactly like mine. I was so panicked the whole time about how I sounded and what I would say. I don’t think I was really comfortable until the very end. You sounded great to me and I enjoyed listening to your opinions and your jokes. 🙂

  2. Ard,

    You can fix all the issues with the EQ interface in the options. Turning off the target self is in fact there to uncheck

  3. I was late on picking this up (dont really listen to podcasts but was wondering why I was getting hits from this on my links feeder) and hey I even got a mention from you at the end. Much appreciated and I’m glad my ‘guides’ have helped you.

    Anyway I think you came across well, its quite refreshing to put a voice to the blog. And you must have nuts of steel to do it cause I would have been whimpering away